Episode 190

February 7, 2016

Jerome starts out this week talking about the Super Bowl. He takes an interesting look on the game. 

Then he discusses the retirement of a big name player and the attempt to keep the Raiders in Oakland.
He moved on to talk about the Western Conference in the NBA an touches on a couple of individual teams, before coming back East to discuss the Cavaliers.
Next it was on to college basketball to discuss the 3 teams we follow, as we get closer to the tournament(s) in March.
Finally Jerome dives into the hockey portion of the program talking NCAA, ECHL and NHL.
Things wrap up with some comments about the PIrates and Phillies and how they spend or don't spend their local TV contract money.
This was recorded on Tuesday Feb. 2.

Episode 189

February 1, 2016

Things start out strong with a recap of the NFC title game with the Panthers rolling over the Cardinals. Then the recap of the Broncos win over the Patriots. Listen to hear who we blame for that loss.

Next we slide into a discussion about the NHL looking at the Flyers and the Penguins. They did play a game before the All-Star break, so that gets a look as well as the playoff positions for each team. There is also some talk about the lottery system for the draft.
Finally the conversation turns towards the ECHL and the Idaho Steelheads, along with Penn State hockey.
Also since it's the new year, it's time for the conversation to start up about NCAA basketball.
Recorded Tuesday Jan 26.

Episode 188

January 24, 2016

A little bit of baseball to get started before a recap of the NFL Divisional Round.

Then some NHL trade talk followed by the  recaps of the Flyers and Penguins weeks. Plus some All-Star game discussion.
Finally some Penn State and Idaho Steelheads hockey talk.
Finish up with tennis match fixing scandal.
This was recorded Tuesda Jan 19.

Episode 187

January 18, 2016

Things start off with the College Football National Title Game.

Then it heads into a recap of the Wild Card weekend in the NFL, prior to a preview of the Divisional rounds.
Finally it goes into the hockey portion of the program. Things start with the NHL and the Flyers trade, followed by the Nashville and Columbus deal. Finally a recap of the last week for Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.
Everything ends with a discussion of Penn State hockey and the ECHL and the Idaho Steelheads.

Episode 186

January 10, 2016

Another week of talking football as we get ready for the playoffs and talk about the NCAA championship game.

We also discuss a bunch of hockey at all levels. Penn State, NHL and ECHL with the Idaho Steelheads.
Recorded Tues. Jan 5.

Episode 185

January 5, 2016

NFL, NHL, College Football and ECHL and College Hockey conversation.

Recorded December 30th. Happy New Year!!

Episode 184

December 26, 2015

We start with the NHL this week before moving on to the ECHL and a quick look at the Penn State Tournament coming up.

We then look at the bowl games for Boise State and Pittsburgh.
We finish up with our NFL discussion before we circle back for a couple of hockey headlines.
Recorded Dec 22.
Merry Christmas

Episode 183

December 22, 2015

We again lead with baseball as both the Pirates and the Phillies made trades at the winter meetings.

Then we dive into our NHL and other hockey discussions
We finish up with the NFL.
Recorded Tuesday 12/15

Episode 182

December 14, 2015

We lead this week with some baseball news before heading into our football recaps starting with the NFL. 

Then we dive into our college football conversation and talk about the upcoming bowl games for BSU, PSU and Pitt.

Last we discuss all 3 levels of hockey including Penn State's sweep of Michigan State at the start of conference play. Of course there was also NHL and ECHL talk as well.
Recorded Dec. 8th

Episode 181

December 5, 2015

We lead off with the hockey portion of the program before we dive into college football and the NFL.

We wash everything down with a bit of MLB discussion before we give you our opinions on the upcoming halftime show that was announced this week.
Recorded Thursday December 3.